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PMEDICS-First Aid & CPR Instructor Course

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This course is designed for individuals who have a strong grasp of first aid and would like to become certified to teach first aid and CPR using the Ottawa Paramedic Service accredited training program. Individuals wishing to take this course should be: - Comfortable speaking to groups - Dynamic and energetic - Clear and confidently speakers - Confident in their first aid skills - Interested in teaching first aid courses privately as an Authorized Provider Upon successful course completion instructors will be certified to teach: - Standard and Emergency First Aid Courses (and recertification) - CPR Levels "A" and "C"- Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Timelines for Accreditations: Instructor Course: 16 hours – split over two sequential weeks Monitor: 16 hours - Instructor candidates must attend an Ottawa Paramedic Service Standard First Aid with CPR C and AED course and watch an Ottawa Paramedic Service instructor teach. The instructor-candidate is to watch how the instructor teaches the course, paying special attention to timing, flow, material delivery, and teaching styles Co-Teach: 16 hours - Instructor-candidates are required to co-teach a 2-day Standard First Aid course with a certified Ottawa Paramedic Service First Aid Instructor. This co-teach must be scheduled within six months of the Instructor Course date. Instructor candidates are responsible for teaching selected items as well as assisting in participant evaluations, course set-up, takedown, etc. Audit: 16 hours - Candidates successful in the co-teach must then teach a 2-day Standard First Aid, CPR C and AED Course – within 6 months of the initial Instructor Course date. Instructor-candidates are responsible for the delivery of the entire course – including class set-up, take-down, presentation and participant evaluations. The instructor-candidate will be audited by an Ottawa Paramedic Service first aid instructor. Audits will take place during regularly scheduled Ottawa Paramedic Service First Aid Courses. Upon successful completion, the instructor candidate will be a certified Ottawa Paramedic Service First Aid Instructor (Authorized Provider). Contact after course registration to obtain instructor binder & pre-course assignments NOTE: This course is to become a certified Authorized Provider instructor with the Ottawa Paramedic Service First Aid Program.

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