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The Figure and Strands of Meaning, Inter-adv; Mon & Wed, 6 - 9 pm

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With four sessions per model (one male, one female), we’ll begin each block with one session of drawing (DESCRIPTIVE*) with a variety of poses, techniques and thumbnail sketches for composition. Then, proceed to a concept of the model as Liminal - a threshold to meaning beyond the image itself. This to persuade the viewer (PRAGMATIC*), and here we’ll briefly pause during the three painting sessions to discuss each student’s intent and progress regarding flexibility, inspiration, fluency (effortlessly to depict and express), chance, (EXPRESSIVE*) and rigour. There will be guidance in composition (principles of design) (DESIGN*), and *aesthetic stances with the facility to create a companion piece with 2 large paintings or a few smaller experimental works. Your choice of support and colour medium.

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