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"How To" Skills, Drills & Play Beach Volleyball - Intermediate

$179 - $189
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The learning never stops! This Volleyball program is a great balance between skill development and game play, and is the perfect setting to meet other volleyball enthusiasts. In this 2 hour class, the first half will focus on skill development. In the second half, you will have the opportunity to put your skills into practice through game play. **The Intermediate program is geared towards players who already demonstrate the basic fundamentals, and can play games with rallies, usually accomplishing 3 passes with their team on the attack. This program is for players want to enhance their skill level to become a more proficient and competitive player. Emphasis will be placed on serving, passing/digging, setting, blocking and attacking. **The Advanced program is geared towards players with years of Intermediate experience and who want to enter into a more competitive game play. There will be a strong focus on developing and refining tactical (Volleyball I.Q.) and technical (Skill) elements, working on offensive and defensive components and ongoing fine tuning of technique.

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